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What is Kinsta?

Kinsta describes itself as a Premium WordPress hosting provider. It's a platform that houses your WordPress website and simplifies its management through a clean interface. It may be premium, but it's worth every penny.

Benefits of Kinsta Hosting

Highly Secure

The WordPress ecosystem is notoriously vulnerable to hackers. Kinsta protects your website from attacks using sophisticated hardware and software measures.

If something does go wrong, you can restore your website to an automatic backup within minutes.

Super Fast

Kinsta boasts impressive website load speeds, improving your visitor experience and that of your content publishers.

Websites with faster load times can benefit from improved search rankings.


Built on Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta automatically scales your website's infrastructure to handle any sudden spikes in web traffic. #peaceofmind

Staging Environments

With Kinsta, your website can have two environments: staging and production.

A staging environment is an exact clone of your website that lives on a different URL. You can use a staging environment to test new content or functionality before pushing it to your production environment for the world to see.

Alternative Hosting

It's common for web developers to host websites on their "own" servers; in fact, this is what we did until we migrated to Kinsta. Having many years' experience managing cloud architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS), we leased virtual servers and managed the maintenance and upkeep ourselves. This setup works fine as long as the developer works to best practices, but it's a lot of effort to reinvent the wheel without much cost savings for the end customer.

A word of caution, don't be tempted to use the budget hosting packages that may have bundled their way into your shopping cart when you purchased your web domain. In our experience, this hosting does not perform or scale well.

What Kinsta Means to Our Business and Clients

We now host all of our clients' WordPress websites on Kinsta.

Our customers don't have to do anything different. Some of our clients don't care about what happens under the hood, as long as their site is up and doesn't cost the earth. Others have taken advantage of their new host features and appreciate the benefit of having a blazingly fast and reliable website.

You only have to look at some of the giants who trust Kinsta with their WordPress hosting to know you're in good hands.

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