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As an official Google Partner, we’re recognised for having the Google Ads skills and expertise to optimise your search campaigns and help you get results.

PPC Partner

Why choose us to manage your PPC?

The short answer: accountability on your return on investment.

Google Ads can be costly, as is often found when a business owner or an inexperienced marketer attempts to go it alone on their first campaign.

A successful search ad campaign has to start with a fundamental business principle: how much will it cost your business to market a product/service on Google Ads vs the profit generated?

We base our service on this principle, and we’ve even advised companies not to pursue Google Ads if potential revenue doesn’t forecast well against predicted costs!

Our ability to tie your sales data to your PPC campaigns differentiates us from other agencies. Known as “closed-loop marketing”, using actual sales data informs decision-making when optimising campaigns. It also proves at a business level what marketing efforts are working and what are not.

We developed HubDash, a standalone software platform to help clients link data between marketing campaigns and sales pipelines. A game-changer for us and our clients, this technology gives us the edge, enabling us to provide a level of service comparable to large big-budget London agencies.

The PPC Process

How our PPC service works.

Every business requires a unique PPC strategy that we develop using the following process.

1. Business scope meeting

An in-depth review of the products or services you want to market. Here we aim to define (or at least model) your average profit per sale and, beyond that, the average lifetime value of a customer.

2. Costs, sales and profit forecasts

Armed with your product data, we use our forecast tools and Google Adwords’ keyword planner to predict search campaign performance.

3. Landing page design

Our web designers optimise your landing pages for your campaign’s target keywords. Pages should provide enough informative content and positive trust signals for the user to perform a clearly defined target action, such as submitting a lead enquiry form or making an online purchase.

4. Google AdWords account setup

One of our Google AdWords certified experts configures your AdWords account to an agreed strategy informed by our scope meeting and search forecasts.

5. Conversions and sales capture

Once your ads are live, we track your website conversions and use innovative technology to attribute each click, conversion and sale back to a specific search campaign and keyword.

6. Report and review meeting

We present a monthly report in a review meeting to discuss what’s working and what’s not. It’s often clear from the first report which campaigns are worth pursuing and which require more work - or in some cases, a different sales channel.

7. Account optimisation

Based on discussing previous performance at our review meeting, we work to optimise your Adwords strategy to ensure you get the best performance for your ad spend budget.


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Client Testimonials

A few kind words.

Mike Darracott
Director, MGISS
Digidom are responsive, engaging, honest and go beyond the brief. A great supportive company and highly recommended.
Ali Johnson
Director, Dorothy
Digidom has been managing the development side of our Shopify site for the last few years. Very easy to work with. Fast, efficient and proactive. More than happy to recommend the business to others.
Pamela Holstein
Communications Manager, Juvela
Expert guidance and support with websites and SEO. In a world of smoke and mirrors, Digidom is the real deal!
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