Last year we decided to invest in becoming a remarkable paid search boffin house (a superior name for agency).

It's part of a wider vision, to offer an ecosystem of discovery products for our clients—and for us too, we're not letting them enjoy all of the spoils.

We claimed our Google Partner certification last month, extending our credibility as we educate customers on PPC and our approach to this form of inbound marketing. Here's our very own fancy-pants badge to show for it.

Our lead generation and e-commerce campaigns generated over £230,000 of profitable revenue for our clients last year.

We've found that even the way we plan our software services has benefited from paid search know-how; advertised landing pages assess market need before investment in working prototypes, and priority of features is more in line with real business goals.

We are now productising our PPC service based on business type and objectives. PPC for raising awareness of a local charity is very different than a PPC service to generate leads for a national service business. Distinct packages for each PPC product helps owners see the real-world benefits in a language they are used to.

It's very rewarding to see our hard work pay off in this area, both for the success in our client stories, and in our own one.