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A New Partner

It's hard choosing a web developer in Liverpool.

With an overwhelming abundance of web agencies and freelancers in Liverpool, how do you choose the best web designer for your next project?

A developer has to be skilled, professional, and responsive, but you must get on well with them too. In an unregulated industry, we've found absolute honesty is crucial to winning and retaining our long-term client relationships.

We often hear horror stories of developers holding their clients' websites and web domains to ransom, causing friction when a project doesn't suit them. Not cool.

So why choose us? Well, firstly, if you're on a shoestring budget, we might not be the best fit. But if you consider your website to be important to your brand and want a credible online presence with a site that generates leads and sales, investing in our service is worth it. With us, you won't just get a website; you'll gain a partner.

Web Design Liverpool

Websites for service businesses in Merseyside and the UK.

Our websites for businesses are perfect for Liverpool-based companies looking to improve their marketing. With over 20 years' digital agency experience, we design websites to convert both organic and PPC traffic to generate B2B and B2C leads and sales.

Powered by WordPress

Powering nearly a third of the web, WordPress gives you complete control of your website content—and it's dead easy to use.

Awesomeness on All Devices

Convert visitors into valuable customers on desktop, tablet and mobile displays. No device left behind!

Optimised for Search

Forget slow, off-the-shelf themes. Our sites are blazing fast and structured to put you in good favour with search engines.

Secure and GDPR Compliant

Best practices and up-to-date security measures give you peace of mind under increasingly complex data laws.

Shopify Experts in Liverpool

E-commerce is easy with a Shopify Partner.

An experienced Shopify partner, we provide custom theme development, online support, and product sales optimisation for this popular e-commerce platform.

If you run a service company in Liverpool and don't need a full-blown Shopify store, but still want to take online payments for things like appointments, WooCommerce could be your perfect platform.

Lead Generation Websites in Liverpool

Optimised landing pages convert visitors into customers.

While a beautifully designed website is a powerful asset, it must serve a purpose beyond mere visual appeal. We understand that your website is a pivotal tool for business growth and should actively contribute to lead generation.

1. Purpose-driven Design

We focus on creating designs that are not just visually stunning but also strategically aligned with your business goals. Every element is crafted with intention, guiding visitors through a journey that culminates in conversion.

2. User-centric Experience

By understanding your audience’s needs and preferences, we develop user experiences that resonate, engage, and compel visitors to take action. User-friendly navigation, clear calls-to-action, and value-driven content are pivotal in turning visitors into leads.

3. SEO Friendly Content

Leveraging SEO best practices, we optimise your website to rank higher in search engine results, driving organic traffic, and increasing the likelihood of lead generation. Well-researched keywords and high-quality content are crucial in attracting prospective customers.

4. Data-driven Insights

We employ advanced analytics to understand user behavior, gauge website performance, and identify opportunities for improvement. These insights enable us to refine strategies, enhance user engagement, and optimize conversion rates continuously.

5. Multi-channel Integration

Our designs facilitate seamless integration with various marketing channels, allowing you to capture leads from diverse sources. Whether it’s social media, email marketing, or PPC campaigns, we ensure your website is equipped to leverage every opportunity.

6. Lead Nurturing Strategies

Beyond initial lead capture, we implement features and strategies to nurture these leads through the sales funnel. Personalised content, retargeting strategies, and effective follow-up mechanisms are implemented to maximize conversion opportunities.

In the competitive digital landscape, a beautiful website is just the starting point. At Digidom, we elevate your online presence by transforming your site into a dynamic lead generation engine, blending aesthetic appeal with strategic precision, to drive business growth and achieve measurable results.

We create successful landing pages on all of the major web platforms.

Web Hosting

Managed hosting for #peaceofmind.

Our managed hosting service is very different from DIY hosting packages you can find online. Set-it-and-forget-it type hosting from a faceless provider leads to security vulnerabilities and unreliable websites.

Proactive monitoring, regular updates, and prompt, knowledgeable support ensure your website remains secure against threats and operates smoothly, providing optimal user experiences. Choose our managed hosting service and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your online presence is in expert hands.

Fast and Robust Hosting

We host our websites on world-leading cloud service providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kinsta.

Backup and Recovery

It's reassuring to know you can restore your work from our daily backups.

Maintenance and Security

Proactive maintenance is key to a healthy website. Our security measures prevent thousands of attacks per month across our client portfolio.

Technical Support

We take pride in our web service aftercare. It's often our level of support that fuels our enthusiastic client referrals!

Web Design Pricing

How much does a website cost?

Have you heard that annoying expression: how long is a piece of string? Well, we haven't got a string, but you can try our handy slider to get a feel for our website costs.

Our most cost-effective web design service. Learn More
£395 + VAT
Great marketing websites and multi-service lead generators.
£1,500 - £2,500 + VAT
Premium design, feature-rich
e-commerce websites.
£1,500 - £3,500 + VAT
Websites with bespoke design and integrations.
£3,000 - £6,000 + VAT
Bespoke platforms with custom micro-services and databases.
£8k+ + VAT
★ Most Popular

Web Design Process

Our Approach

Our approach to web design is rooted in a deep understanding of both design principles and your company's unique needs. Our design philosophy emphasises the marriage of form and function to create websites that are visually stunning, user-friendly and optimised for conversion. Here's a brief overview of our process.

1. Gathering Insights and Requirements

We kick off the process with a detailed consultation to learn about your brand and objectives. Through comprehensive discussions, we agree on a brief so that all parties are clear on the goals and respective responsibilities.

2. Crafting Detailed Mockups

Based on our collaborative exploration, we create detailed mockups reflecting the envisioned design, functionality, and user experience. These mockups serve as visual guides, offering a tangible preview of the final product.

3. Collaborative Review Sessions

We present the mockups to you and walk you through each element, discussing the rationale behind every design choice. These sessions are interactive, allowing you to express your thoughts, preferences, and any modifications you desire.

4. Refinement Until Satisfaction

Your feedback is pivotal. We refine and adjust the design based on your inputs, undergoing as many revisions as needed until you're thoroughly pleased with the mockup. Our commitment is to ensure the design resonates with you completely before we proceed to the development phase.

5. Transitioning to Development

Only when you give the green light, satisfied with the mockup, do we transition to development. This ensures that the finalised design aligns perfectly with your expectations, eliminating any surprises down the road.

6. Keeping You in the Loop

Even as we dive into development, we maintain open lines of communication, keeping you updated on the progress and involving you in critical decisions. This continuity ensures that the final website is a true reflection of your vision, with every detail finessed to your liking.

7. Final Review and Testing

Before launching, we conduct a thorough final review and run multiple tests to ensure every element operates seamlessly across different devices and browsers, guaranteeing optimal performance and user experience.

8. Client Approval

We value your final thoughts. After our meticulous review, we seek your final approval, ensuring every detail aligns with your expectations and our shared vision before going live.

9. Official Launch

With your approval, we initiate the exciting process of launching your website to the public. We closely monitor the transition, addressing any unexpected issues promptly to ensure a smooth and successful go-live experience.

10. Post-launch Support

We take support seriously. We understand the critical role your website plays in your business's success, and we’re here to provide the consistent reliability and resolve all support and ongoing maintenance queries.


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Client Testimonials

A few kind words.

Mike Darracott
Director, MGISS
Digidom are responsive, engaging, honest and go beyond the brief. A great supportive company and highly recommended.
Ali Johnson
Director, Dorothy
Digidom has been managing the development side of our Shopify site for the last few years. Very easy to work with. Fast, efficient and proactive. More than happy to recommend the business to others.
Pamela Holstein
Communications Manager, Juvela
Expert guidance and support with websites and SEO. In a world of smoke and mirrors, Digidom is the real deal!
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